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Chris Muench

C-Labs CEO since 2009

My mission is to provide solutions combining the strength of smart connected devices with cloud computing and enterprise class business intelligence services to create intelligent systems for the Internet of Things.

Recognizing the potential impact and strategic importance to Software business, I dedicated my professional work around Microsoft technologies for the last 20 years. As a result, I am intimately familiar with nearly all Microsoft products, technologies and strategies. I have done architectures and development projects spanning both ends of the technology scale – from embedded Windows CE to multi-server high-end cloud clusters. In 2000, I authored the book The Windows CE Technology Tutorial, published by Addison Wesley, which was at the top of the sales rank for Windows CE books for more than 18 months on I was responsible for the architecture, design and development of a high-end/high-traffic web-based application, scalable from a single server to a multi-tier cluster-based server infrastructure. It has achieved the “Designed for Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition” logo from Veritest. My past experience includes the full software cycle of a major Siemens HMI application (WinCC) including customer research, conception, design, architecture, development, documentation, usability, promotion marketing, pre-sales-, sales-, and after-sales-support. Being active in the computer gaming industry for the past 22 years, I have published several games for multiple platforms including Windows, Pocket-PC, Amiga and XBox360. Design, conception and development of computer games are passions I have developed since childhood and continue to be part of my life. I am working with innovative companies that supports creativity and hard work. Working in a team that identifies with the common goal and has fun and excitement reaching that goal is important to me as well as the opportunity to develop myself to be able to accept any challenge.

Specialties: People management, Budget controlling, IT Architecture, IT Management, Code Design and Architecture, Code Development, eCommerce architecture and Development, Game Design and Development, Book Author, Documentation Design, 3D Computer Art Design, Visions and Research, Industrial Incubation, Software Incubation, international contract negotiation