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C-Labs Corporation Acquired By Germany’s TRUMPF

Firm will maintain its current location and add more software engineers in the Seattle area

BELLEVUE, Wash. - (August 23, 2017) - C-Labs Corporation, an award-winning provider of software for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), today disclosed that TRUMPF International acquired all of the company’s outstanding shares in a recent transaction.

Chris Muench will continue to head C-Labs. “When I founded C-Labs in 2009, the term ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) was not yet in popular use. Now our software simplifies and secures vital communications in places as diverse as automotive plants, power generation facilities, and research labs,” he said. “With the resources and global reach of TRUMPF International, we are excited about continuing our growth and helping create and secure the industrial IoT for customers worldwide.”

“C-Labs has shown tremendous flexibility in enabling industrial Internet of Things connectivity in a variety of industrial environments, and doing so in full compliance with the varied IT and data usage policies of different customers,” said Stephan Fischer, Managing Director of Digital Business Solutions at TRUMPF. “We are confident of the growth potential for C-Labs and its Factory-Relay software products.”

Earlier this year, C-Labs released the fourth generation of its highly-acclaimed software. The patent-pending software provides embedded IoT capabilities for machine makers such as TRUMPF, machine connectivity for application providers such as AXOOM, and industrial IoT cloud connectivity for Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and other cloud services.

According to a recent paper published by ARC Advisory Group, solution providers such as C-Labs and its software products “represent a key and vital connection and security technology that will help enable the digital enterprise and the factory of the future.”